Used Cars


Majority of people who buy used vehicles have a little worry at the back of their minds that what if their practicality would cost them a lot of money as issues start to plague their purchased vehicle sooner or later.

However, this paranoia is a thing from the past already, because vehicle owners who want to trade in their vehicles are now required to ensure that their vehicle is a certified pre-owned vehicle or CPO.

If you are planning to purchase a used vehicle, reading this article is strongly advised so that you get the best value of your money.

A CPO car or vehicle is usually late-models or used cars that underwent thorough inspection, also been refurbished and has been certified by its manufacturer or a governing body that has the authority to provide CPO credentials. These include extended warranty, flexible financing, and a lot more benefits.

If I were you and I am planning to sell my car Hayward you should continue reading this article to learn the importance of a CPO vehicle.

  1. EARNS EXTENSIVE INSPECTION AND RECONDITIONING- Dealerships conduct a thorough examination of pre-owned vehicles that are being brought to their garage. It is needed for pre-owned vehicles should follow and that is to meet the CPO program standards that vary depending on the manufacturer or brand of the pre-owned vehicle. In general, a CPO vehicle passed item checks numbering to a hundred and more which requires the approval by the time it will be displayed in dealership showrooms.
  1. EXTENDED WARRANTY PROTECTION- You might probably hear from someone that pre-owned vehicles do not have a warranty, well, not for CPO vehicle. This is because these vehicles that undergone CPO programs are often bundled with a generous new car warranty coverage in order for the manufacturer of the car to be more competitive in the market, so if you own a brand-new car, possibly, it has a long-term warranty that is also transferable to the new owner.
  1. 24/7 ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE- A lot of Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles comes with free 24-hour roadside assistance which lasts during the basic warranty coverage. The roadside assistance service includes gas refill, vehicle jump-starting, locksmiths, and more.
  1. FLEXIBLE FINANCING – CPO vehicles may be a bit more expensive than those who have not undergone and have not certified but the former comes with lower finance rates which are typically equal to the loans that are offered to brand-new vehicles. Imagine the benefits you can get. For buyers who want to opt to finance a CPO vehicle, they will earn a lower interest rate that effectively decreases the monthly dues which also aides in ameliorating the effects of the high asking price of a regular household budget.
  1. CAN BE LEASED- There are times that auto companies let its customers lease a CPO vehicle which is considered a good alternative for buyers who wants to drive a luxury pre-owned vehicle but cannot afford to buy one in the first place.
  1. MAINTENANCE PERKS- Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs in some vehicle manufacturers that provide its buyers some benefits like change oil, tire rotation, and vehicle inspection. In order to avail this perk, you should ask the dealership which CPO vehicles come with free maintenance.