Booked Hire Service License

Booked Hire Service License

Vehicles meant to provide hire services require booking hire service license. Booked hire service license is intended to ensure that these vehicles operate under suitable ways and are safe. Companies operating hire services to customers should have booked hire service license.  The license, abbreviated as BHSL, is non-renewable and only issued annually after which the license holder is required to reapply upon expiry period which is 12 months. The applicant is required to apply for the license six weeks before the actual expiry date to ensure the hire services minimal disruption. There are penalties for drivers or operators and the booking bodies if their hire service license is not current.

Hire service license is applied by an individual, a company, partnership, trustee managing a trust of a superannuation fund. In the case of a trustee, the BHSL should be in the name or the name of the trustee a superannuation fund the named trust. The requirements of the vehicle are: Your car must be exclusively passenger vehicle, of 4.5 tones by mass, with a maximum of twelve seats inclusive of the driver’s seat. It must be registered with the correct and appropriate purpose, must be in possession certificate of inspection of course a current one, unless it is exempt. The vehicle also must have the right compulsory 3rd party insurance class. Class 4 or new class 2, 11 or 10 A. all cars operating hire services must put on display the suitable booked hire service ID sign.

hire service licence

The License issuing department verifies passenger transport history during application of the license. The request may be successful or rejected. If the person or operator had, limousine a taxi, or booked hire service license suspended or canceled within 12 months, the application is rejected. Also, rejection occurs if the applicant has committed an offense related to providing hire services within a period of fewer than 12 months. In the ongoing monitoring, all vehicles listed on Booked hire service license must meet all the requirements during the one year Booked Hire Service License. The control will include: whether you have a current Queensland registration, all the certificates of inspection unless exempt, a real purpose of its use, and correct compulsory 3rd party, insurance class. When the vehicle fails any of the above checks, the Booked Hire Service License could be canceled or suspended. One may check the status of their vehicle registration POU, CTP, expiry date and the hire service licence expiry date on the external link of the personalized transport public register.

The two ways through which you may apply a hire service license are. Online through the external link or one may go personally at any of the TRM customer service points.  The applicant must submit the valid required documents for the application to be approved.