Advantages of a Gearbox Transmission

Advantages of a Gearbox Transmission

A gearbox of a vehicle, often known as the manual transmission, today is facing a downfall in popularity, since automatic transmissions have taken over the market with its easy-to-drive mechanism that allows lesser skilled drivers to drive with ease who are more in number. But most driving enthusiasts still prefer to drive vehicles with manual transmission. The reason behind this preference is thekind of benefits that can never be offered by the automatic transmissions. That is why latest cars are combining the best of both worlds. Here we have listed down those advantages that the manual gearbox can bring to you.

  1. Better Fuel Efficiency

According to the Hyundai Philly dealer experts, manual transmission cars have been always known to bemore efficient in giving gas mileage than their automatic counterparts. Though today even the automatic transmissions are coming up with better fuel performance, it still could not beat the manual ones in this respect. The light weight and lesser parasitic loses result in this fuel efficiency.

  1. Lesser Chances of Slips

Automatic transmissions have more tendency to slip in order to produce smother shifting and better response. These built-in slips hurt the efficiency of the engine by wasting some of its power to make it comfortable for the driver.

  1. Economical

Manual transmissions are cheaper than the automatic ones both during the time of purchase and even for maintenance that brings down the total cost of the car. From there the manual transmissions continue to go easy on the pocketwhile the maintenance sessions. The benefit increases as and when the miles add up as it requireslesser frequency of maintenance. On the contrary, the complexity of mechanism in the automatic transmissions, are far more expensive in every respect.

  1. Long Lasting

If not damaged by any accident, the manual transmissions can last for a lifetime and continueto drive for 50,000 to 100,000 miles,unless the vehicle is abused by excessive rough handling or other mishandling. Moreover, manual transmissions need only a fraction of the amount of lubricant in comparison to the automatics and require lesser number of changing, reducing the overall cost of the maintenance.

  1. Direct Connection with the Engine

While driving manual cars the driver gets the chance to squeeze out the best performance from their vehicle, especially when the car is having a running on a mediocre power. as explained by the Hyundai dealer Philly, this happens because of the direct connection between the drivetrain and the engine which makes the most of nearly every horsepower and each pound-foot of torque that is produced by the engine.As the parasitic loses in a manual transmission are much lesser than the automatic ones, more power remains available for the engine to move the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

While automatic transmissions make the driving easier for new drivers, on the other hand, the manual transmission allows the expert driver to select the right gear to scale up the level of performance as well as the consumption of fuel. All this indicates, that the usage of manual transmission gives more power to the driver while saving more peenies in the owner’s pocket.