A-Z of Cash for Clunkers Program

A-Z of Cash for Clunkers Program

Obama introduced the Cash for Clunkers program simply to help vehicles and their owners. He also initiated a program for the betterment of our environment. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out as planned. It had more critics and less supporters were observed. Vehicles that are less fuel efficient with poor gas mileage, emit harmful emissions into the air. The Ozone layer is getting depleted due to these emissions and this in turn creates smog in the environment and pollution is also increased. Thus, the air becomes harmful to breathe in especially to the vulnerable human beings such as elders and kids.

To curb such long-lasting effects on the environment and to prevent it from the damages, the Car Rebate Allowance System was introduced. Later, the system came to be known as Cash for Clunkers. Though the environmentalists and economists opposed the program, they stated that it can benefit our ecosystem. Secondly, it was also expected to help the economy that was suffering. When customers were not able to afford large purchases, the program financed them to purchase new vehicles. Monetary compensation was provided to people so that they can easily trade-in their old car for a new one.

The program was also aimed to boost vehicle sales, thus helping the economy. Vehicles companies were suffering as people were not able to buy cars. Obama’s Administration hopefully provided funds to the program, thus contributing funds to help the vehicles industry at the same time.

As a consumer, how can you take part in the program?

The consumer needs a vehicle that is currently owned by him to trade in the Car Rebate Allowance System. The efficiency of it should not be more than 18 miles per gallon. This is a baseline for cars that are very dangerous for the environment. There were a set of guidelines that must be followed by the vehicle so that they can be traded in the program. Thus, consumers were not able to unnecessarily trade their cars that were not used by them. Obama wanted to avoid such a situation as he strictly wanted to pull less efficient vehicles with poor mileage off the streets. Insurance proof was also needed by the government that was only one year prior to the date they were trading their car. This was done to ensure that the vehicle that is supposed to be trade in, is actually driven.

The vehicle must also be in running condition and all safety standards must be met that are necessary for the vehicle while driving it on the road. Moreover, it was stated that the vehicle should have a minimum rating of 22 gallons of fuel efficiency. This way roads will have fuel efficient vehicles that are significantly better.

The companies used to sell the traded in vehicles again and they were of no benefit to the environment or the economy. According to the program, the vehicles are needed to be destroyed. They were sent to the junk yards for crushing.

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