4 Best Used Pickup Trucks You can Buy in 2020

4 Best Used Pickup Trucks You can Buy in 2020

Using pickup trucks as an everyday vehicle is a common phenomenon around the world. These are used by people for different purposes which include transporting equipment, carrying ample luggage during an outing, etc. However, it is observed that a lot of individuals also like to opt for used pickup trucks rather than a new one. Take a look at the list of best pickup trucks which one can get from Ankeny used truck dealer.

  1. Dodge Ram 1500

One of the best-selling used pick-up trucks is Dodge Ram 1500. The express version is equipped with a V6 engine that offers an output of 305 hp. It is a 4×4 model where 6 passengers can easily seat due to ample space it offers.

Also, it has space for carrying payload over 1500 lbs. Though the new ones are priced at $32,200 or less; for the used one, an individual will have to get in touch with a dealer as lot of factors are involved in it. Apart from these, people even opt for the Dodge Ram 2500 which is 4WD and comes with V8 5.7L engine.

  1. Silverado 1500

This is a one of the best pickup trucks from Chevrolet. The 1500 LS is 2WD drivetrain with V8 engine under the hood which provides a horsepower of 355. The cabin of the truck can seat up to six people easily without any problem. It consists of alloy wheels which is over 20 inches and ample space for cargo and has a full sized bed.

The price for this car starts from $28,300 and depending on which features and options one chooses, the price increases accordingly. However, used ones can be acquired at a much lower amount from Ankeny used truck dealership. Also, people looking for more can check out the Silverado 2500.


  • Sierra 1500

GMC is known for their hardy vehicles and pickup trucks. The Sierra 1500 is the direct competitor of the Chevy Silverado 1500 for an extended period of time. The latest models are quite impressive which is why people are opting for these either new or used ones. The drivetrain of this vehicle is 4WD. It is equipped with v6 4.3L engine that offers an excellent horsepower of 285.

It is quite a stylish pickup truck with accented moldings that hovers over its wheel openings that is angular in shape. Also, it has a bold design for its grille along with optional chrome aspects and outstanding cutout above grille.

  1. Ford F 150

One of the most sold pickup trucks used and new is Ford F 150. It comes in different trims and models. The XLT model comes with V8 5 liter engine and its drivetrain is 2WD along with Bluetooth compatibility for unlimited entertainment and more. Other than the XLT, FX4 model comes with above mentioned features but with V8 engine and certain other features like sunroof, leather seats, etc.

This list holds the best 4 trucks that you can buy used or new from a dealer. All of these are sturdy and high performing vehicle, which is why these made this list.