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The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Car Wheels Simple

The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Car Wheels Simple

Experts say that choosing the wrong car wheels can decrease the performance of your vehicle.

It can also negatively impact noise levels, drive quality, and fuel efficiency, making it far more dangerous to drive.

So why would you want to take the risk?

Unfortunately, car wheels are created equal these days. There are many types of car wheel design and manufacturers, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

This makes it very difficult to know exactly what you are buying and which wheels are best suited for your car.

We’ve got your back, however. We’re here to present the complete guide that makes deciding the best car wheels simple. (And we’ll show you how much they cost.)

Car Wheels Materials

Different materials are used to make various types of alloy wheels. But they fall into two main categories: forged aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy.

Forged Aluminum Alloy

Forged aluminum is stronger than regular cast aluminum alloy. The properties of this type of wheel allow it to be more lightweight while providing greater strength during impact.

This makes them perfect for hardcore race cars that are more like to have a crash.

The downside of forged aluminum alloy is it’s more expensive. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re buying them for your race car, but if you’re buying these types of wheels for an everyday vehicle, it may be too pricey.

Cast Aluminum Alloy

This type of wheel is the number one choice amongst many car manufacturers because they are relatively cheap to make and easy to install. They also provide decent performance with less impact on the wallet.

The only downside is that these wheels are known for being weaker compared to other materials.

But aside from this minor flaw, cast aluminum alloy wheels are excellent all-around performers that can give you everything that you need at a reasonable price.

Car Wheels Design

Despite what you might think, there are only two main ways in which car wheels are designed. These are concave and deep.

Concave Car Wheels

Concave wheels are made to be deeper than the width of the tire itself. The design is quite simple: instead of making a flat outer lip, they curve inwards towards the center to form a “concave” shape.

This type of wheel provides exceptional traction compared to its slimmer counterpart that can lose grip during high-speed turns.

Deep Car Wheels

Unlike concave wheels, these types have much smaller spacing between their inner surface and outer lip, which means it’s not as deep. Deep car tires provide less risk for getting caught or stuck on large debris.

But you’ll have to make sure that your tires can fit in between the grooves. You can learn more about the different styles of wheels here.

Car Wheels Brands

Some manufacturers choose to put their own spin on car wheels and create their versions of concave or deep wheels. But if you want a trusted name brand, here are some of the best:

AMG Styling

Created by Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance division AMG, these types of wheels are carefully sculpted from forged aluminum alloy, which allows them to remain lightweight while maintaining strength for better performance.


Manufactured by Japanese company Accessory FX, these exquisite designs take inspiration from several parts in a luxury sports car, including brake calipers, exhaust pipes, and even headlights.

AVUS Premium FW

These German-made concave wheels feature a modern mesh design that follows the contours of your car perfectly for a seamless finish. AVUS FW stands for “Free Work”.

“Free Work” is a reference to the minimalist shapes and open spaces in the wheel’s design.

Cadillac Escala Concept Car

Inspired by vintage custom designs, these unique types of deep dish wheels enhance all Cadillac Escala concept cars with their gold aluminum finish. Like most deep dish wheels, they have comfortable wide rims.

But this impressive type from Cadillac boasts 22 spokes instead of the usual 20.

Specialized Rims

Made by Taiwanese alloy wheel manufacturing company BBS, these types of concave wheels can be fitted onto nearly any vehicle. Specialized rims are offered in different colors such as matte black, chrome, and aluminum.

Car Wheels Price

There is no shortage of high-quality cars with an affordable deep dish or concave rims that you can choose from when it comes to price. Unless the type you want is extremely rare and collectible.

Most reasonably priced wheels will give you great value for money in terms of durability and performance—and they make a statement on the road too!

Here’s how much the best car wheels cost:

Concave Car Alloy Wheels

These types of car wheels are the most common and affordable types that you can find in stores. This means you can easily get a set for under $300. But you can pretty much find these wheels to fit any budget.

Deep Car Alloy Wheels

These types of car wheels cost around $300 to $500 per wheel on average. But if you want a specially-designed deep dish wheel from a reputable brand, expect prices to go up a bit.

Want to Know Where to Find the Best Car Wheels?

It is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for the best car wheels. We hope this guide has helped make your decision a little easier, and you can now make the best choice possible!

If you’d like to learn more, please check out our blog for informative articles on the best custom wheels, the rules of car ownership, and the latest, hottest trends in the automotive industry!