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How to Find Truck and Car Parts on the Internet

How to Find Truck and Car Parts on the Internet

Google process more information than every written work humanity has created since the beginning of history and in every language. On the other side, it would take more or less 90,000 years to do manual searches on Google’s fifty billion pages, at one page per minute. Young or old, technology savvy or not, the Internet is the best and easiest way to find truck parts, no matter what their complexity.

Given the number and magnitude of possible online outcomes, there’s a learning curve, as well as a method to search for truck accessories and components in ways that can maximize people’s results and get them the answer they need. For people who love to do Do-It-Yourself projects, listed below are some hints when looking for aftermarket or used parts on the Internet.

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Search terms

When using Google, enter two to four most important terms into the search box. For instance, if a person is trying to find an exhaust gas recirculation for the Cummins Interact System engine, they might start by searching the exhaust gas recirculation valve Cummins Interact Systems. Always keep in mind that search engines do not care in which order people enter these terms.

Also, two to four terms is a good recommendation. The point is, always keep the number of terms you use as little as possible, but enough to produce excellent results. These results will produce content directly referring to the keywords you are looking for. And if these were accurate keywords, the Google results will most likely include accessories and parts you can view by clicking on the listings.


Sometimes, being certain with a wrong keyword in searches can produce little results. For instance, let us say a person is told by their mechanic that they need an E8HT-3590-EB pitman arm for their truck. Based on the previous tip, there is a good chance that the owner will be tempted to look for details like the E8HT-3590-EB pitman arm. But with specific keywords, the search can go astray.

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Google loves to lead searchers to answer, but people need to enter the most relevant and accurate keywords or key phrases. In this kind of situation, results will be clouded with different part numbers, as well as part listings of pitman arms that have nothing to do with the person’s intended outcome.

Side note: Searches for particular semi-truck parts can be a black hole, leaving people with nothing after wasting time on search engines because there are not much part information and literature.

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Incomplete information

If people have incomplete part numbers, try looking for them on the Internet. In some cases, since part numbers are not complete, their results will be misleading, and people will quickly hit dead ends in their Google lookups. Once again, enter broad searches of two to four relevant key phrases or keywords. For instance, EHT-3590-EB is incomplete, but it is all people have.

Well, think of other appropriate key phrases and keywords to go along with insufficient numbers, or do not include incomplete details, if they feel it can help their search. Try looking for EHT-3590-EB steering or EHT-3590-EB pitman since we know it is a part of the steering assembly. This kind of lookup will put people right back on track with reliable and relevant answers.

Second chances

If a person lacks an excellent result, it is all about giving search engines two to three chances with combinations of various critical key phrases or keywords until they find custom truck parts or the answer they are looking for. Always remember that specificity can help or hurt. If they are super specific with their lookups and get no relevant result, widen the terms.

Best websites, locating information and parts

There are premium websites that truck owners can use if they want to look for new and used parts anywhere around the United States and Canada. These websites post inventories of hundreds, if not thousands of salvage yards around the United States and Canada; depending on salvage yards, it will include prices, details, pictures, and more.

If they do not generate relevant results people are looking for, use Google for everything from part number information, part diagrams and images. Google is the authority when it comes to search engines. They generate better results compared to AskJeeves, Yahoo, and Bing.