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A Brief Review of the EXEDY Clutch

A Brief Review of the EXEDY Clutch

Did you know that only 18 percent of drivers┬áin the United States of America know how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission? Part of what makes a manual transmission work is the clutch, and at some point during your car’s lifetime you’re likely to encounter clutch problems.

Enter the Exedy clutch. If you start to have issues with your clutch then you’ll need a new clutch, and it is important that you know your options when it comes to the Exedy clutch kit. If you’re looking for an organic clutch with a nice grab then you’ll have a hard time topping the performance you get from Exedy clutches.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about the Exedy clutch and why you should get one for your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more.

Is An Exedy Clutch Good?

There are multiple options available when you’re looking for an Exedy clutch kit for your ride. The first option is a single clutch, and this option will be the closest to your OEM clutch. You won’t blow a massive hole in your bank account if you choose to get the single clutch option from Exedy through

The next option when it comes to getting an Exedy clutch kit is the Hyper Single clutch. This clutch is a hybrid option that combines many features of single clutches with those of twin-plate clutches. You’ll get an aluminum pressure plate with this kit which means that it can support a great deal of power compared to the standard single clutch.

Going with the Hyper Single clutch will have you covered all the way up to producing 450 horsepower from your car. Keep in mind that you’ll pay more by going with this option. Expect to drop close to $900 for the Hyper Single clutch from Exedy.

The most expensive and advanced option is the Multiplate Clutch. This is the most powerful of all of the Exedy clutches on the market and the most popular with street car enthusiasts. Depending on the vehicle that you own, there might even be a triple plate option.

In addition to the triple plate option, you’ll get a steel flywheel and you’ll gain the ability to boost your car all the way up to 700 horsepower. You’ll spend a premium in order to get premium performance. If you have the money and it is worth it to you then you can’t go wrong with the performance boost you’ll get from the Multiplate Clutch for your new clutch.

Get an Exedy Clutch for Your Ride Today

Getting an Exedy clutch is a great investment no matter if you need a new clutch for your vehicle or if you want to upgrade your car’s performance abilities. There are three options to choose from with the Exedy clutch kit, so you’ll have no problems finding one in your price range. You can get an organic clutch that will take up to 700 horsepower from your vehicle.

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