With a Honda Motorcycle you need not worry about Covid

With a Honda Motorcycle you need not worry about Covid

While there is no doubt that public transportation in the United Kingdom is the cheapest way to travel from one location to the other, the scene has changed dramatically ever since the Covid started spreading all over the country. Riding on public transport exposes you to the risk catching of one of the deadliest viruses ever. Social distancing and wearing masks reduces the risk to some extent. However, there is no guarantee that such measures will protect you from catching the virus. If a person sneezes, tiny particulates of contaminated water spread over distances much more than the mandatory social distancing of six feet. Also, if someone accidentally touches any object containing the virus, he or she faces the risk of being affected by the virus.

Safety first with Honda motorcycles

More and more people in the United Kingdom are nowadays purchasing motorcycles since riding the same equates to social distancing. You can park on the roadside of your own will, stay away from the crowds, as well as avoid keeping your bag on the seat rather than putting it on a contaminated surface. You can easily maintain a safe distance, even in heavy traffic. The riding gloves protect your hands from being contaminated and improve your grip as well. While a normal helmet protects your hair against contamination, a full-face helmet stops the spread of germs while protecting your head.

Prepare for the ride

You should always ride prepared while riding a motorcycle. However, with the threat of corona filling every highway, interstate, byway, and back road, you ought to prepare yourself more thoroughly. You should pack anything, which can help avoid a stop… be it disinfectant wipes, layers of clothing, water, and snacks. Plan your stops so that you spend the minimum amount of time probable to evade exposing yourself more than essential. You should also purchase a motorbike manufactured by a reputable brand such as Honda. Remember to take necessary precautions after every ride like washing your hands, gear, and bike. Disinfect anything you might have touched — from the device that mounts your mobile, to the vents and visor on your helmet

Get more mileage for your money

As mentioned above, public transportation might be cheap. However, Honda motorcycles work out cheaper, as they offer great mileage per litre of petrol. For example, the Honda Activa gives a mileage gives approximately 51 kilometres per litre in the city and much more on the highway. The Honda Shine gives 55 kmpl. This works out cheaper than public transport. Remember, the mileage depends on the model you choose.

Check the rules governing motorcycles

You should keep an eye on online sites containing rules governing the use of motorcycles during the pandemic. You may be fined up to £200 for a first-time offence, and even more for additional offences. As of 8 March 2021, you still cannot leave your house and ride your motorbike unless an “exception” applies. However, you are legally permitted to visit a public outdoor place for open-air recreation.

Honda Motorcycle Dealers London

Choose a dependable and reputable dealer when purchasing a Honda motorcycle. Make sure that they have all models available. This ensures that you can select a motorcycle depending on your budget. Make sure you check the fuel efficiency too. Get in touch with Motoden Honda today or visit their website, which contains nearly 50 different models of Honda motorcycles. Their website also contains details of their physical shop in London with address and contact numbers. With a comfortable Honda motorcycle, you need not worry about Covid.

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