Winterize Your Truck Before It’s Too Late

As temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, there’s a few key accessories you can choose to prepare your truck for a long winter. So, upgrade your Kenworth seat covers to prepare for the elements and take these other steps to enjoy safe travels all winter long.

Install a Winter Front

One of the most essential winter accessories for your big rig is a winter front. Winter fronts insulate your engine compartment from freezing winds. As your truck travels down the road, bitter winds can reduce your fuel economy, create more wear on your engine and reduce the efficiency of your heater and other components. Prevent harsh winds from damaging your truck with this simple accessory before it’s too late.

Winter fronts are specially designed for each make and model of truck, so check out a particular size that fits your truck. When you shop online, you can read reviews and browse based on parts that fit your specific vehicle for hassle-free ordering.

Carry Lubrication and Defrosting Spray

Winter is a time when corrosion, moisture and cold temperatures can cause parts to seize. Pack lubricants to prevent or solve any of these issues while you’re on the road. Before you head out, take a few minutes to lubricate your fifth wheel with a silicone or lithium grease designed for cool weather.


WD-40 is another essential cold weather spray. This spray lubricant can defrost locks in the right circumstances. If your lock is frozen, particularly a padlock on your tool box, use a spray lubricant as a defrost solution.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

When was the last time you changed your wiper blades? New wipers are a great addition to keep your windshield clear of snow and road salt buildup. Look for winter blades that prevent ice building up on the blades. The rubberized boot of these specialty wipers improve their lifespan and prevent ice from damaging them.

Top Up Your Truck’s Fluids

Winter temperatures can be harsh on your truck and its fluids. Low fluid levels can encourage moisture buildup, which can reduce the efficiency of your truck. Moisture in your gasoline is particularly dangerous and could cause your fuel to freeze.

Invest in fuel additives designed to prevent frozen fuel lines. While you’re at it, check out your oil, wiper fluid, coolant and other liquids to see if there’s signs of freezing, moisture or low fluid levels.

Pack an Emergency Kit

In the event of a breakdown, be sure you have warm clothing and the right tools to get your truck back on the road. Invest in a quality emergency kit with all the safety and maintenance components you need. From a basic kit of warm clothes and jumper cables to a complete kit with food and water, signal flares and other safety items, keep your truck well stocked this winter.

Before you hit the road this winter, check out the latest semi truck accessories online. Order your favorite items from leading brands before it’s too late. When you order online, you won’t even have to brave the elements to head to your local auto parts store.

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