Why Hyundai is Turning Towards Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Why Hyundai is Turning Towards Alternative Fuel Vehicles

At the age of severe fuel crisis across the globe, along with the threatening effects of global warming, fuel consumption cannot run for long. Hyundai as one of the leading auto making company took this matter more seriously and is all set to launch 22 cars with alternative methods of propulsion among which two would run on hydrogen fuel-cell. Hyundai already having one such vehicle, namely, the ix35 Fuel Cell got sold off with ease,and that encouraged Hyundai to take the plunge of launching more alternative fuel cars by the 2020.

If you wonder why, then here are the reasons speculated by the Riverside Hyundai dealers:

  1. Independence

The use of alternative fuel, also known as hydrogen cell cars are the best solution to get more independence from the chains of availing petrol, diesel, gasoline and even electric power. Cars that can move on the power of hydrogen cells are expected to be supplied with ample quantity of hydrogen cells to meet all the demands with a smoother flow.

  1. Increased standards

After the production of that run on plug-in hybrid, hybrid-electric, battery-electric, and diesel powertrains, it is now the time for inviting natural gas, to have its own fair chance to run the vehicles on road without stopping for the queues to fill in their tanks with expensive fuels.

  1. Modernization

With the ever-improving technological advancements that can be so intensely found in modern vehicles, there is no wonder that the engineers would work harder to come out with an even more modern solution. The introduction of alternative fuel that is referred as hydrogen cells would bring a revolutionary change in the history of automobiles with their huge contribution in modernizing the current society.

  1. Increased Level of Convenience

Those who are still suffering the drudgery of waiting in the fuel stations for their turn to fill their fuel tank or worried about getting an easy deal to plug in their electric vehicle, the introduction of hydrogen cells would bring a fresh air of relief from these situations with its promise of pumping up the level of convenience even while traveling long distances.

  1. Onboard Sensors

If you are thinking about the driving assistance features in these cars, then the answer is you are going to enjoy much more of these with the new alternative fuel vehicles. Here are what these cars would be boasting of:

  • A growing number of onboard sensors to carry out the most difficult driving tasks, like emergency stops, adjustment of cruise speeds in accordance to the traffic conditions in realtime and parking assistance.
  • Advanced GPS and Driver Assistance Systems like automatic seatbelt pre-tensioners, headlights to see the turns in advance, and capability to create lane departure warning.
  • As evaluated by the Riverside Hyundai dealers, Hyundai cars would become truly “hands free” with the wireless connectivity to tap the ocean of information database.

The Bottom Line

To speak about the expectations, Hyundai Cars are now going to be smarter, cheaper and easier to drive and highly eco friendly with their incorporation of hydrogen cells. With such initiatives on rise, they hope the alternative power plants to make greater choice available for their consumers.