Which Audi vehicles set the bar high in the year of 2018?

Which Audi vehicles set the bar high in the year of 2018?

In a world where the people are always in search of a premium and value for money four-wheelers, Audi seems to have done everything right from the beginning making them one of the best selling manufacturers in the last few decades.

With over 1.89 million units sold in the span of one year, the German company has seen a massive 7.6% overall growth in the US markets and has generated a revenue of more than $60 billion worldwide.

From premium sedans to luxury sports cars, they have everything under their roof and continue to impress their customers throughout the year with new releases. San Joaquin Audi dealer is a popular dealer of Audi vehicles whom you can contact for any queries. Let us have a look at the various Audi vehicles which set the bar high for the year of 2018.

Best selling Audi Vehicles for the year of 2018

Audi has more than 10+ models that have been released in the year 2018, and most of these four-wheelers have managed to impress their customers. Have a look at the top Audi vehicles which made it big in 2018.

Audi Q5 – the Audi Q5 is one of the best selling Audi vehicle in the year of 2018. With more than 1 million units sold by now, it is the vehicle that the people look up for delivering German craftsmanship and excellent value for money service. The Audi Q5 houses a brilliant powertrain with brilliant safety systems and also tech-savvy features.

Audi A6 – when it comes to the premium sedan, the Audi A6 has stolen the show for the year of 2018. It is one of the most popular Audi sedans this year. Coming with a premium and corporate look, the A6 has performed with excellence in both urban and highway conditions. The fuel-efficient engine and beautiful interiors make it more attractive.

Audi R8 V10 – Audi has manufactured the Audi R8 to feed the consumers who look for an ecstatic sports car to drive in different conditions. The R8 comes with brilliant German craftsmanship that is reflected from the modern design, subtle interiors and high-rev powertrain that produces 532HP. You will be able to feel the power that this beast holds as soon as you turn the engines on.

Audi Q3 Quattro – the Audi Q3 Quattro has been around for a while and successfully delivered the drivers with brilliant driving experience. The compact SUV provides easy steering, subtle suspension, and well-laid interiors. You can drive the Quattro through any landscape you want and still enjoy the feeling of driving an Audi.

So here are some of the best selling Audi vehicles in the US that the people absolutely drooled over in 2018. You can get more details and information about all the above mentioned Audi four-wheelers at San Joaquin Valley Audi dealer. They will offer you the best deals and allow you to test drive every Audi vehicle available in their showroom.