What you need to know about neoprene seat covers

What you need to know about neoprene seat covers

Neoprene has been widely known and used in shoes. Some of the best performing basketball and skate shoes have a neoprene sock liner and collar, the reason behind this is because of its characteristic. It’s soft, moisture wicking, heat dissipating, comfortable and gives a good fit for a shoe.

But in seat covers!? If you see any shows about cars you know people opt for leather, but neoprene!? You better believe it and it can’t get any better than this.

Soft: it’s soft and will feel really nice especially when you sit on it. It’s not slippery and would give you a new perspective on how comfortable a good car set should be. Racing seats use this material because of this reason as well. Having a soft material means contouring to your seating position giving you a more customized fit and responsive driving. It won’t restrict your movement and will maximize your driving experience.

Heat dissipating: It’s not a hot material and helps keep you cool. If it’s a hot day and if you’re sweaty, it helps circulate air helping with air circulation, unlike leather. Leather might be classy and feels really good but it doesn’t help with the heat and on a hot day you would feel like you’re roasting. Heat is bad, and a material that retains heat is even worse especially on a hot day not just in a comforting sense but also because of health issues as well. Heat causes sweat, sweat causes moisture, moisture affects your skin integrity and can possibly cause sores and ulcer. If you are driving for long hours on a hot day you might want to consider replacing your car seat cover.

Customizable: One of its strengths and selling point is because it’s highly customizable, you can make any print that you like and you will not be limited to just plain colors. With leather, you will only be limited with that but with a neoprene seat cover in terms if prints sky is the limit. No matter who you are or what passion you have there will be a great sear cover that can represent that.

Neoprene seat covers are nothing new but because of the popularity of leather, it’s easy to be overlooked the potential of this material. Many people have used these types of materials in their seat covers and found it to be very beneficial. The next time you need a good seat cover try the neoprene and what better company to offer this to you that They have a wide selection of neoprene seat designs that are great for any vehicle. With the benefits that you can get out of a neoprene material, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give this a try.