What should you know about the Chevrolet Cruze safety features?

What should you know about the Chevrolet Cruze safety features?

Safety features are among the things that the new Chevrolet Cruze has focused on. All the models starting from the Cruze hatchback to the Cruze Premier enjoy great comfort and all the necessary safety installments. The Chevrolet Cruze is among the most exciting cars of the decade, and thousands of models have been sold across the world. It is time to know about the essential safety characteristics of the car and understand why it could be the perfect fit for your garage.

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What are the safety features in the car?

Without further ado, let us take a look at the features:

  • Driver Assistance – One of the main thing that helps the Cruze to stand out from competitors like the Toyota Corolla is the plethora of safety features. Driver Assistance comes in handy if you cannot see all the corners before changing lanes. It also comes into play when you get distracted or weary while on the drive and move out of your lane. The Driver Assistance is an amalgamation of multiple features that can help you to avoid confusion with other drivers and minimize the risk of unprecedented accidents. These features include blind spot alerts, lane keeping assistance, and lane departure warning, automatic high beams, rear parking sensors, and the rear cross traffic monitor.
  • Stability Control – You can be sure that the Chevrolet Cruze will always keep you safe, no matter the weather conditions or the texture of the road. Your safety is now guaranteed, all thanks to the Stabilitrak technology from Chevrolet. The body of the car had been designed in order to offer optimal handling in every corner, twist, and turn. In addition to that, you would be able to drive longer in the Chevrolet Cruze MPG without the need to stop or run out of fuel. This is because of the improved mileage of the car. The Cruze rests all the controls in your hands, allowing you to be in complete control of the road conditions.
  • Teen Driver Technology – The Teen Driver technology is simply another addition to the hub of safety features which makes the Chevrolet Cruze so affable. It helps parents to feel a little more relaxed about their wards. Parents can set speed limits for their children with the help of this feature and access a driving report after they get the vehicle. They can even disengage the radio until they know that all the seat belts are on. It actually helps the parents to get a little more peace of mind and ensures that the teen driver would be much safer. You can check out theĀ Pinehurst Chevrolet for a test drive or further queries.

Final Verdict: The Chevrolet Cruze is a car that has been dedicated to the consumers. It has everything that makes driving enjoyable and safe. The automaker has simply done everything to make the car safe on all roads.