What Is Clutch Repair And How Does It Work?

What Is Clutch Repair And How Does It Work?

A large variety of motorcycles and cars rely on the dry single-plateclutch. The clutches develops friction between a clutch plate and a flywheel. The engines if a vehicle works all the time but the wheel stops working when you are not driving. So as to stop the working of the wheel without damaging the engine, the clutch is used. A clutch is basically a mechanical device that protects the engine by developing friction between a clutch plate and flywheel. A friction clutch is used in a car and a dry single-plate clutch is used in bikes and racing bikes. Sometimes due to less friction the clutch breaks but it is easy to fix in clutch repairs center.

What are the components of a clutch and how does it work?

One of the components of the clutch is the flywheel. The flywheel is connected to the engine through the crankshaft. The flywheel helps to stop the engine of the vehicle. When the car keys are turns on the engine starts with the help of pinion and after some time the engine runs smoothly. The flywheel is attached with a friction surface and the clutch disk. The friction surface if the flywheel and the friction surface of the clutch disk help the clutch disk to rotate smoothly.The clutch disk is made up of several components like a rivet, cover plate, a hub, and a friction surface. Nowadays friction surfaces are made up of ceramic substances that provide a high coefficient of friction. The clutch disk is connected to the gearbox through the gearbox shaft. The car wheel rotates depending upon the rotation of the clutch disk. The pressure plates are attached to the flywheel, as a result, the pressure plates rotate when the flywheel rotates. The clutch disk is attached to the shaft with the help of release bearing.

A Clutch is a mechanism that speedily transmits by engaging and disengaging its components. The clutch cover and the flywheel always revolves with the engine. When the clutch cover pushes the clutch plates against the flywheel and engine tool is transmitted to the transmission. When the clutch peddles is pressed, the pressure keeping the clutch plate against the flywheel is released. When the clutch is depressed engine too is not transmitted to the transmission. The engagement and disengagement of the clutch plate and flywheel is the main principle of the working of the clutch.


There are many components of a clutch which helps the engine to work smoothly. The clutch works due to the revolution of clutch plat and flywheel against each other. When either the clutch plate or flywheel fails to revolve , the clutch doesn’t work properly but it is easily repairable in clutch repair shops.