Toyota Harrier Singapore Price, Best In The Market

Toyota Harrier Singapore Price, Best In The Market

Experience the luxury features of the all-new Toyota Harrier, which has got all the refined interior, high-class looks, and amazing styles and specifications. It comes with full lighting from the inside, which makes the car’s interior more pleasing and beautiful. The seat is pure leather which makes the quality of this seat higher, and you can feel very comfortable while sitting and driving.

The cockpit of this car is the best thing which Toyota has made in this, everything is set near the driver seat, so you can access all the controls you want to while enjoying the driving seat. The display in this act is of premium quality and very user-friendly, which can be controlled by anyone, and the music system can be easily connected with any device, be it apple or android. Now, Toyota has confirmed it is coming to Singapore, good news for people living there. It will be coming in three variants, and the Toyota Harrier Singapore Price will be based upon the different variations with different features.

Variants of Toyota Harrier:

It will come in three variants, and they will be the most demanded cars in the coming future because of the features they have got.

  • Elegance: The capacity of this car is 1987cc, max power is 170, and the fuel consumption is 6 litres per 100 kilometres
  • Premium: The capacity of this car is2487cc, max power is 215, and the fuel consumption is 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres
  • Luxury: This capacity is also the same as the premium, that is, capacity 2487 cc with the fuel consumption of 4.7 litres per kilometre.

TheĀ  Toyota Harrier Singapore Price will be different, as each country has its taxes, so that the price will be different, and it will also depend on the variants.

Safety features of Toyota Harrier:

  • It has got a PCS system, which helps to detect and prevent collisions of the cars.
  • It has a feature that controls the light according to the darkness; it automatically makes the high beam on in more dark places.
  • A special brake system while parking automatically applies the brake if there is any chance of collisions.

Toyota Harrier is the best performing car in the year 2021 with amazing safety systems with luxury interiors. Book a test drive with Toyota and enjoy the luxurious ride and test yourself before booking this car.