Top Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Top Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

How to be safe with Motocycle training

If you are learning how to ride a motorcycle, your most important priority should be safety. In this context, safety refers to the way you handle the bike, your riding gear, the type of bike you are handling and even the clothing you wear when you go riding. Riding a bike can very exciting. In fact, riding a bike is much more fun than driving a car but biking is also more dangerous than driving a four-wheeler. This is why it pays to concentrate on motorcycle safety while riding or training.

Buy a Bike You Can Handle

If you are returning to biking after a long vacation, you should know that bikes modern bikes are not quite the same ones you used to ride. Modern bikes are bigger, more powerful and more difficult to maneuver than the ones you we had a number of years ago. For this reason, you should not go full-throttle if you are returning to biking after a long time. The same thing applies to learners. There is no sense in learning to ride a motorcycle with powerful and complicated machines. Learn with the relatively easy-to-handle bikes and you can move up to the more powerful and faster bikes later. In addition, it pays to choose a bike that offers you natural advantages. The right bike for you should not be too tall for you. Again, your feet should rest flat on the ground when you sit on the bike. All the controls and handlebars must be within your reach.

Antilock Brakes

Some experts have the impression that the disadvantages of antilock brakes outweigh its benefits but this is not true. According to reliable data, motorcycles with the ABS brakes are 37% safer than bikes without this feature. Motorbikes with ABS brakes improve steering control during accident scenarios. This ensures that the rider does not skid or crash and this reduces injuries in cases where riders are involved in accidents.


If you just pick up a bike and teach yourself to ride, you are taking a huge risk. The right motorcycle-training course is vital if you want to handle the bike competently and safely. The right course will not just teach you the basics. Motorcycle training courses will teach advanced riding techniques and emergency maneuvers. These courses will give you advantages when it comes to getting your license and even qualify you for discounts when you take out insurance policies.


This is probably the most important riding gear you should wear. If you always wear your helmet, you reduce the risk of head injuries substantially. In case you want to find out more about the benefits of wearing helmets and other safety tips for motorcycle riders, you should get in touch with London Motorcycle Training.