Top 6 Awesome 250cc Scooter Models

Top 6 Awesome 250cc Scooter Models

You wanted, and now is the time. You need cheap wheels, because you’re tired of paying $ 50 each time you go to a gas station to refill your car. Well, scooters are a great alternative, especially the moped for sale. The good thing is that they can go as fast as a motorcycle, but they are much easier to handle. Eliminate the deterrent factor immediately.

These are some of the most popular 250cc scooters: 


Although they are among the most popular scooter manufacturers, they do not have them in this class. You will have to go with a small SH150i or a much larger 600cc silver wing.


The GrandVista 250 has a 4-stroke engine, and can expect to pay in the average range of $ 4,000. The only thing that this model does not show what others do is fuel injection.


The GTS 250 is a more affordable version ($ 6000), and the GVT 250 is a high-end model ($ 7000 +) because of its old-school appearance. Both have a 4-stroke engine cooled by liquid with electronic fuel injection. 

United Motors

With only $ 2,000, the Expressway 250 has the cheapest option in this category. It still has a 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine, so if you have a limited budget, be sure to look along the high-speed road. This is of great value and strength for money.

Top 6 Awesome 250cc Scooter Models


Cheetah Touring 250: a very popular model, which costs around $ 3000. Not bad for a bike of this size. There is no fuel injection, but it can still move quite fast.


Yamaha has a name Roketa MC-54-250, not quite the best name, but a good set of wheels, nonetheless. It is said to reach 85 miles per hour and cost around 2000 dollars.

A Few Essential 250cc Scooter Accessories For Your Scooter

There are many accessories for 250cc scooters, and you can choose options according to your needs and preferences. The right accessories for the moped for sale not only help you travel safely on the road, but also provide protection against the cold, wind and other natural elements that will provide comfort.

Protective equipment

The protective equipment protects you from both elements and from an accident, in addition to making your driving experience more pleasant and comfortable, the following safety devices that you must purchase for your 250cc scooter:

Face shields

Facial shields classified as flip or non-flip and available in different designs. Make sure that the shield you choose is shockproof and does not contain any flaws, because even minor defects in the shield can affect your vision, so make sure everything goes through the screen. Tinted shields, available to drive during the day, provide comfort for the eyes.


Jackets with a jacket offer additional advantages over conventional jackets. They are relatively longer in the sleeves and slightly larger in the shoulders. Several of them are equipped with ventilation holes and valves designed for air discharge or sealing, in addition, many of them are equipped with an additional joint for protection in case of accident.

Jackets with a jacket are made of leather or synthetic textiles with high technologies. Leather jackets insulate the elements and provide additional protection, do not forget to choose a heavier jacket for more protection. Speaking of textile jackets, they are best known for their resistance to abrasion, as well as protection against wind and rain. These jackets are relatively light, which makes them an appropriate option for the warmer months.

Riding suits

Made of one or two parts, riding suits are made of lightweight materials such as nylon. Many of them have bright colors and are made of reflective materials to increase their visibility for others, day and night, and being waterproof, these suits protect passengers from bad weather conditions.


Look for a pair of gloves that are not too loose or too tight to block blood circulation with your fingers. The gloves for 250cc scooters are supplied with additional materials in vulnerable areas, such as palms, fingers and joints, to ensure the protection of the hands.