The Top 7 Benefits Of Lithium-ion RV Batteries

The Top 7 Benefits Of Lithium-ion RV Batteries

Presently, lead-acid RV batteries control the market, though there’s a superior alternative to customary batteries. The benefits of selecting lithium-ion over lead acid for any application are many.  The application is many. And, when it derives to your RV, there are precise advantages that make best RV lithium battery ideal.

  1. They are safe.

Your RV is not just a means to get from point A to point B during your holiday. It’s your vehicle as well as your home. Thus, safety matters. Lithium-ion RV batteries are intended with a built-in security measure. When they near overheating temperatures, these batteries spontaneously shut down, stopping fire or explosion. Lead acid batteries, instead, typically don’t comprise this fail-safe measure as well as are occasionally susceptible to fire while they come into contact through foreign metals.

  1. They go additional.

Your typical lead-acid RV battery only permits you to use around

50% of the graded capacity. Lithium-ion RV batteries are perfect for extending drycamping where your travels take you. With extremely sustainable voltage stages, yourlithium-ion RV battery offers 99% functioning capacity which provides you that additional time in your home away from home.

  1. They weigh less.

best RV lithium battery

Your RV is big sufficient and heavy sufficient as it is. Best RV lithium battery is normally half the size as well as a third of the weight of customary lead-acidbatteries. Decrease the weight of your vehicle as well as upsurge the capacity for speed.

  1. They live longer.

Battery lifespan matters. Would you somewhat replace a lead acidbattery once each two or three years, or would you somewhat make an investment in alithium-ion RV battery that lasts above a decade? The battery life of lithium-ion typically lasts more than 13 years.

  1. They are maintenance-free.

With lead-acid batteries, it’s a warranty that theunits will requisite replacement in a few years. It is also a warranty that they’ll needsteady upkeep and maintenance. As well as, with lead acid batteries, you have to monitorthe water levels frequently to stop fire hazards. Lithium-ion batteries need zeromaintenance in their decade-extensive battery life, saving you time plus energy.

  1. They convey long-term value.

A lithium-ion RV battery does hold a biggerprice tag than a lead-acid battery. Typically, lithium-ion prices three times the price oflead acid, however, don’t let the early price deter you.

  1. They are eco-friendly.

Your RV does not need to have a negative influence on theenvironment. Lithium-ion is the green battery choice you have been waiting for. Itpowers your travels by clean energy and decreases CO2 emissions. Disposal isecologically friendly, too. These green batteries are ecological and are oftenprepared with recycled materials.