The Raleigh Durham Area- A place to Restore the Foggy headlights

The Raleigh Durham Area- A place to Restore the Foggy headlights

Everybody is in love with their car, be it old or new!. Cars are fascinating all the time because of their colour, shine, and shape. So it needs to be maintained all the time. It requires a lot of efforts to keep the car clean from inside and outside especially headlights as they turn foggy after a period of time. The headlights can be restored by the car owner itself, if he has some kind of knowledge about automobiles or the best option is to get it done by a local car washer or automobile detailing company in the Raleigh-Durham Area.

The Reason Behind the Fogginess

The headlights are made out of polycarbonate plastic which is usually a very strong plastic. The manufacturer adds a protective film to make it stronger but due to its overheating and direct exposure to the sun, it fades after time and becomes foggy or yellowish.


The fogginess of Headlights is Equal to Accidents

In research, it has been clearly seen that majority of accidents at night are due to defects in headlights or fogginess of headlights. As prevention is better than cure the best thing is either to replace the lights with a new one or restore them. The second options sound good as replacing headlights lights are very much costly, it comes to around $1500, restoring headlights cost around $100 so it can save up to a lot and the best place to get it done is in the Raleigh Durham Area where mobile detailing has been on another level.

Headlights Restoration Methods

As mentioned above you can either get the headlights restored by a professional or can get it done by yourself. There are many restoring methods poping on social media sites and on youtube channels but some may show effect some may not, The working methods are listed below

Restoring Kit

Restoring kit is available in the market and it is easy to use. It has been used by many individuals to clean their car’s headlights and it has been effective.


Metal or plastic Polish is commonly used to clear the fogginess of the lights. It is one of the best ways as it cleans the fogginess without putting a scratch on the headlight.


This method was used years before. It helps to clean the headlights but there are many chances of headlights being damage in the process as the sandpaper is a bit rough and it can put scratches on the headlight. It is advisable not to go for this method if you don’t know properly to use sandpaper.

Apply any method but do restore the headlights.  Be safe and drive safe.