The New “Call Me Out” Feature in Recent Chevrolet Vehicles

The New “Call Me Out” Feature in Recent Chevrolet Vehicles

Road accidents have always been one of the worst curses on mankind since the automotive industry has been an integral part of it. Today, with the rapid technological progress in all sectors and especially in telecommunications, industries like automotive are benefitted, as the issues with vehicles are getting truly useful solutions from the combinations of technologies helping each other to achieve a single goal, i.e., safety.

As Chevrolet was always a brand we trust for years, we were curious to find out, the new features that combines connectivity with safety, and visited the Asheville Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer to explore them. And there we found this “Call Me Out” feature through which friends call out their friends to hang up their phones and concentrate on the road ahead while driving.

The Purpose Behind

It is a known fact to us all that the drivers need to keep their eyes on the road to ensure a safe drive. But the effect of connectivity through mobile phones have created an addiction in people to keep speaking on the phone even while driving at high speed. Lots of traffic rules have been imposed but to no avail. Then it was a brilliant idea from an automotive house like Chevrolet, that this issue can be addressed and countered with another phone call. That is the purpose behind inventing the Call Me Out feature that will be working as a new Android app to alert the friends and close family members to call each other out when they are driving to keep down their phones and stay alert on the road. This feature works through messages sent from a friend to the other, as the app first let them know, that their friend needs to be warned and reminded to be attentive while driving.

How it works

Every Chevrolet owner can download the Call Me Out app that is made for Android and is available on Google Play. There you need to add the contacts and a callout message needs to be recorded on the app that’ll remind you to keep down the phone and keep your eyes on the road.Even then if you use your phone while driving, the callout message will start playing automatically with loud and clear voice.

The Reward System

At the Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer near Asheville, we were informed that the less you use your phone when you are driving, the app will start rewarding you with points. The more you nurture a good driving habit, by not picking up the phone while driving , the more points you will be awarded with. This will raise your name higher on the leaderboard of the app and your profile will start inspiring people to improve their driving habits and pressurize them to avoid using the mobile while driving.

The Bottom Line

With a feature like “Call Me Out”, Chevrolet has proved its concern on making your drives safer than ever before. If you are a Chevrolet owner, make good use of this feature, and develop the right ways to drive. If there is an incoming call on your phone that seems urgent or simply important, you can safely pull the car aside, get over with the conversation and start driving again.