How to install Leather seat covers in Silverado trucks?

How to install Leather seat covers in Silverado trucks?

Silverado trucks are very famous in the United States. Since its introduction in 1998, around 12 million Silverados have been sold. These heavy duty pickup trucks are subject to heavy wear and tear because of the nature of business that it is involved in. Naturally one needs to adopt maximum protection and leave no stone unturned in its maintenance.

Seats are the most disregarded aspects of any vehicle. In most of the cases, owners pay no attention, whatsoever, to their Silverado seats. The interior of your Silverado depends on the kind of seat you choose. But no matter, how good a seat you choose, chances are that the seats will fade in color and lose their mojo. Therefore, it is essential to buy seat covers for your Silverado. Seat covers ensure maximum durability and provide protection against wear and tear. Clazzio leather seat covers are rated best when it comes to seat covers. By using Clazzio leather seat covers you provide your Silverado a lavish look whilst ensuring maximum comfort.

How to install Clazzio leather seat covers in Silverado trucks?

Bottom cushion: Start by slipping the Clazzio seat cover on the bottom cushion. Get the front corners wrapped around tightly to ensure no folds and creases. Take the tab towards the end of the cover and tuck it between the back rest and the bottom portion. Now behind the driver’s seat, pull the seat cover tab through. Do this by undoing the tab. There are 2 elastic straps below the seat that are to be disconnected. Now locate the tab of the bottom cushion that you stuffed a while ago. Pull them down nice and tight. Now the two laces on the cover are to be pushed through each corner and pulled down from behind. Now tie the laces tightly. Now you will see two straps that are supposed to be put through the buckle. Tie them too. Voila you are done with the bottom cushion.

Back rest: Start by removing the headrest. Proceed by slipping the seat cover on to the back rest. Now pull the tab that you disconnected while installing the bottom cushion up. It will stay underneath the new Clazzio seat covers. Now take the flap towards the front side of the cover and tuck it in between the area of the back rest and bottom seat. Align the two holes of the headrest with the holes of the cover. Now pull the flap through nice and tight. Now put the hooks in the elastic strap. Stretch them underneath the seat.

Headrest: Remove the old cover, if any. Take the Clazzio headrest cover and stretch its head wide open. Then simply push it on the headrest. Then pop the headrest off. Now unfold the material out and work it out from the edges to give a crisp look. Then take the ‘I’ hook and put it in the ‘J’ hook and flip it around.

This article may paint a tiresome image of the entire installation process. However, it is simpler when you have the kit in front of you.