How To Choose a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Keep your truck bed covered and protected with a tonneau cover. These rugged covers prevent theft and keep all your belongings safe and dry. Shop for hard truck bed covers, soft covers and other options to find out the best option for your truck.

Compare Styles

You may be surprised at the sheer variety of covers. It can feel overwhelming to search for a tonneau and get tons of results, so consider the style you want to narrow the selection:

  • Folding cover
  • Soft roll-up cover
  • Hard cover
  • Hinged cover
  • Retractable cover
  • Hard roll-up cover

All of these categories have their own pros and cons. A soft cover is the most affordable option for your truck, but a hinged or retractable cover can be more convenient for frequent access. Make your decision based on the type of cover you need. Are you looking for an affordable option for your ride, or do you want a smooth, flawless look? How often will you access your truck bed? These decisions affect the type of cover you choose.

Look at the way a cover installs to your truck. Will you need to install lots of mounting hardware, or does your cover fit existing mounting rails? Some covers seal tightly, while others offer only general coverage. If price doesn’t concern you, there are many luxurious retractable and hinged options available.

Measure Your Truck

A tonneau cover can come in a range of sizes. Truck beds aren’t all the same size, so you need to measure your bed before you go out and buy a cover. Choose an option that fits your bed and truck color for a flawless look. This will save you the time and stress of ordering a cover that doesn’t fit right. Instead of trying to stretch out that soft cover a few more inches, measure your bed in the first place to get the right product for the job.

Consider Your Tool Box and Other Features

Be sure your cover is compatible with any features on your truck bed. Some covers can start after your tool box and continue to the end of the bed, while others can’t be used with a tool box. Look for compatibility with bed rail caps and track systems that may be already installed in your truck.

Tonneau covers also come with a range of features. Some covers have integrated locks, while others are just meant to keep the elements off your belongings. Folding and retractable covers are great for only partially covering your truck bed. If you have an odd-shaped load or a few extra-long pieces of material, these versatile covers allow you to close up the rest of your bed around the oversized items.

Shop Online

Compare truck tri fold bed covers with other cover types online to find the best option for your truck. Don’t settle for a generic cover or pay too much for your tonneau, but shop the sales and find affordable prices for name-brand products. Treat your truck right and protect your belongings with a quality cover delivered right to your garage.