Five Useful tips to Buy a Commercial Fleet Vehicle

Five Useful tips to Buy a Commercial Fleet Vehicle

If you are a business owner or have to manage a fleeting service, then you will have hardly any time to go on browsing the dealership websites, or the showrooms in person and continue the task of vehicle shopping for days and months. But at the same time purchasing a commercial vehicle for fleet service isn’t that easy either, that you can simply choose one and make the payment. Commercial vehicles like fleet vans, pickup trucks, or even larger vehicles like delivery trucks, need much more attention than that of purchasing a luxury car, or even an SUV.

That is when we need to get some expert advice on buying a commercial fleet vehicle, and here is what we learned from the expert team who serve at the Poway Buick GMC dealer showroom. They advised us to start with questioning ourselves the following and find out the right answer.

List of Queries

What will be the tasks that you want thecommercial vehicle to perform? How much payload that purpose will need from the vehicle? Does your business need special features in the vehicle like shelving, ladder racksor toolboxes? How many people should the vehicle accommodate including the driver  and then finally, which kind of cab will be right for the job?

Applicationto Fetch a Fleet Number

If you are having a qualified vehicle for the fleeting services you conduct, the dealerships are most likely to offer a number of exclusive discounts that can make a difference of few hundred or thousand dollars in the price per unit. If you are buying 5 or 15 vehicles together for a fleet, the offer is almost guaranteed. For this your company need to be assigned with a fleet number from the automaker brand, that can be usedwhile purchasing the vehicles from any dealership that sells vehicles of that brand.

Bank on the Incentives Offered by the Manufacturer

It is a very common factor that fleet discounts and the retail incentives collide with each other. This is a point that can bring you to a fix, if both the retailer and the manufacturer are offering equally lucrative programs of discounts. The best solution to this situation is to go with the manufacturer incentive rather than the dealership, as that will give you the elasticity to buy from any dealership depending upon your choice.

Focus on the Total Invoice and Not on the Sticker Price

Buyers often tend to commit a common mistake of negotiating the discount offer “off the sticker” that is the retail price, or MSRP given from the manufacturer.  Instead, they should focus on the dealer invoice to know how much the automaker is charging the dealer for the vehicle. Making that your starting point, you can get to know how much profit the dealership is making on your purchase itself.

Choose the Right Vehicle and Not Always the Cheapest One

The team of experts at the Buick GMC dealer Poway say getting the vehicles at the lowest price is not a big deal, but getting the right vehicle that is neither underpowered norincapable for the assigned job, should be your target.