Five tips for buying the right bike rack

Five tips for buying the right bike rack

The idea of ​​a “right” or “better” bike carrier is almost as difficult to define as the “right” or “best” bike for you. But here are six tips to help you buy the one you need: the one that offers the best combination of features, quality and price for YOU. Obviously, it is the only “correct” bicycle stand you should worry about!

You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a good new carrier or spend only a few tens of dollars on the purchase of a new used one. Since there is a wide range of prices and there are many functions available in all price ranges, never start over with pricing considerations. Instead, consider the following for the best garage bike racks:

Tip 1: In which vehicle do you plan to use the frame?

You should know exactly what type of vehicle and, if so, what type of vehicle you will install it. You must know all this in order to decide how you want to install it in the car. Will it be screwed to the frame? Will it install it on supports or brackets attached to the bumper? Once you know the details, you can choose the right frame for your particular car.

Tip 2: How many bicycles will you normally carry with a bicycle rack?

You can find a great offer on a support for 2 bikes that is perfect for you and your friend. But suppose you have a group of friends or a family and want to carry 4 bicycles on a shelf. Also, a great price for racks of 4 or 6 bicycles (they are HUGE!) It is not very “great” if you never need to carry so many bicycles. A large bicycle carrier can be cumbersome and almost useless.

Tip 3: Where do you want bicycles to be mounted?

That is, physically, where do you want to take bicycles? Do you want a luggage rack? How about something installed in the back of your car? Maybe you would even like to install a hitch and take out a trailer to transport bicycles. (Now you know why Tip 1 was important: by knowing the car you are using, you have probably already decided).

Tip 4: What size and shape do your bicycles have? 

Some of the trendy bike racks can work for your high-tech bike track. Never consider a bike carrier or bike rack without thinking about how it will fit your bike or bicycles in particular.

Tip 5: Who will normally load bicycles in their rack or luggage rack?

Do not think your 90-pound, “5-foot-tall” daughter will be able to load bicycles on the same shelf as her 200-pound, 200-pound midfielder! Ultimately, this will be an important factor when deciding what type of bike rack, you want to buy and where you will install it.