Expert Advice on the Purchase of 2020 Kia Sedona

Expert Advice on the Purchase of 2020 Kia Sedona

If you are missing the versatility that used to be there in the earlier minivans, then take a look at the newly released 2020 Kia Sedona that in spite of being a crossover retains and provides all that facilities, of one. To put it in simple words, the 2020 Kia Sedona can be undoubtedly tagged as the next version of the concept of minivan, while clubbing in the benefits of crossover SUVs as well. The 2020 edition of the Sedona series shows up the aesthetic sense of the automaker Kia that has dressed up all its trim levels in different flavors of styling cues.

Why So you Need a Buying Tip

With the family-friendly attitude, the 2020 Kia Sedona, can make an ideal vehicle choice for those who consider comfortable rides, style statement, and spacious interior to be the major priorities in a car, commented an experienced auto expert at the Conroe Kia dealer showroom. But at the same time he advised the prospective buyers to take some time away to decide, which trim they should finally agree upon. According to him it is important, as Kia has treated each of the Sedona trims almost like an individual model, packing different sets of features in the trim levels. Kia increases the levels of creature comfort and safety in an ascending order with the L, LX, EX, and SX trims.

For the year 2020,Kia carries over the Sedona series from its last year model even in its option packages that get tiered up in four trim levels. What you get irrespective of the trim you choose is a sedating exterior styling that cages in a spacious interior that is draped and consisted of high-quality materials, making every user feel valued. Its wide seats respect individual space that automatically translates into the first criterion of luxury that gets further accentuated by the quiet and smooth rides through any road surface or outside atmosphere.

Motivating Power Front

In most of the 2020 Kia Sedona models you will find a 276-horsepower making V-6 engine to be at work that sends its power to the front wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission. This comes as the standard setting to enjoy a soft ride resulting from a responsive and effective driving dynamics, while all its driving features ensure of a capable handling, especially when you need to take quick actions.

But the expert warns the buyers not to expect a high fuel economy, as from the standard powertrain, the 2020 Kia Sedona can only fetch a fuel economy rating of 21 mpg from the EPA from a trip that combines both of city and highway speeds consistently.

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Ticking the Feature Boxes

The base price of the2020 Kia Sedona is relatively inexpensive if you compare it with the old minivans, as it offers much more feature options that come naturally for being a modern day car. you get a 7.0-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment section that enables Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone compatibility through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All these come as standard, while stepping higher will add to the list leather upholstery, and optional features like automatic braking, power liftgate and more. So tick the boxes of feature options carefully, suggests the auto expert we met at the Conroe Kia dealership.