Essential Used Car Buying Tips

Essential Used Car Buying Tips

If you don’t like monthly installments or you can’t afford to commit to an auto loan, then purchasing a used car might be the best solution. But when buying a used car, you need to be more extra careful compared when you are purchasing a new vehicle. Additionally, you will need to consider to allocate a budget for the unexpected repairs.

You can get a better make and model with lower installments if you plan to buy a used car. But always make sure to purchase a vehicle you can only afford and allot reserve money for emergency repairs.

Most often, used cars don’t have warranties. And even if the used car has a warranty, it might not be possible to transfer it to the new owner. Also, it may not cover some repairs.

So, if you plan to buy a used car, always transact from a licensed and authorized dealer. Doing so will not give you any problem in the future. Keep in mind that some lenders will not approve your used car loan if your chosen model was older than five years old.


Where to Find Used Cars?

There are several websites and auto dealers that you can find all over the internet, such as websites like this

Moreover, there are many advertisements you can find in establishments or TV. And other auto dealers display the sign “for sale” on the car itself. Also, it is a wise idea to purchase a used car from a rental company. Why? Because most of them sell their cars once it reached the age of two years, and most of the time, they make sure to maintain the vehicle thoroughly to satisfy their renters. Though, they are not interested in negotiable prices and sometimes it could be a little higher compared to other used car dealers.

Here are the following essential tips when buying used cars:

Test Drive 

Once you have the list of your chosen used vehicles, call the seller as early as you can. Set for an appointment to check the physical appearance of the car. Ask the seller if you can take a test drive. Once he or she agreed, bring your trusted mechanic to check the current condition of the used car. Remember, there is no reason for you to get shy, you are the buyer here, and it is reasonable to ask questions since you’re making a significant investment.


Check the mileage or odometer of the car before buying one. It is given that fewer value the mileage, the better. The average mileage consumption for a vehicle annually is 12,000 miles. Some cars might drive lower than that, but many cars are used to drive for longer miles due to commuting distance. Keep in mind that not all the time it is good to buy a used car with lower mileage, sometimes it is essential to know the characteristic of the previous owner. In some cases, high mileage used cars with a previous responsible owner is a good buy compared to lower mileage cars but with an irresponsible owner.

Some things were not mentioned above that you also need to consider like check the car’s interior, outside and inside physical appearance, and engine. Make sure to bring a mechanic with you; they are expert enough to know the current status of the used car you’re planning to purchase. For other business concerns like selling or buying used vehicles, visit for more info.