Cracks On Your Windshield? Find Out What Causes Them Here

Cracks On Your Windshield? Find Out What Causes Them Here

If you have been extremely careful with your car, yet you notice that there’s a crack in your windshield, you will start to wonder what caused it. If you have no idea how you got the windshield crack, then you have come to the right place. Let this article give you more information about the common causes of cracks in your windshield. Some of them will surely surprise you!

Incorrectly Installed

At auto glass Salt Lake City, they make sure that the windshields they replace are installed properly. Simply because when this is not done the right way, it can cause problems in the future, like windshield cracks. Even though it is rare to see a windshield that was not installed properly from a car manufacturer, it is very common a defective windshield replacement. Most of the time the previous technician was not able to order the right windshield for the car or maybe it was not installed properly. Remember that a poorly installed windshield can be very dangerous especially during a collision.

Extreme Temperatures

Temperatures can play a major role in the quality of your windshield. If the temperature rises rapidly from freezing to warmer temperatures in one day, this can greatly affect your windshield, especially the outer edges. So when you leave your car outside during summer or winter, it can affect the glass temperatures and can cause damage in the long run.

UV Rays Of The Sun

One of the most common reasons that cause windshield damage is extreme sunlight. The heat of the sun on metal as well as the other materials that hold your windshield in place can cause the glass edges to easily expand than the center part of the windshield. This can lead to cracks on the surface then eventually through its center. This is why it is highly recommended to park your car inside or if you can’t place it under a shade as much as possible.

Causes Windshield Damage

Wind Damage

If you live in an area where the wind can be too drastic or if there is too much dirt, dust or debris that can slam into your windshield, it can cause problems in the long run. Overexposure to these elements can penetrate the glass surface and eventually, cause chips. Thankfully, chips can be easily repaired which is why you have to get it fixed as soon as you find these damages on your windshield.

Road Hazards

If you are driving down the road with rocks and gravels every day, there is a huge chance that your windshield will have stone cracks or chips. If they hit the windshield with enough force, it can cause damage. Small and not-so-deep cracks are easy to repair. But make sure that you get it done as soon as you notice the damage to avoid it from getting worse.

Windshield cracks are easy to repair. But remember that not all repair shops can be trusted. This is why it is very important that you also choose the company that you bring your car for repair. Know the damage for you to have a better understanding of the bill after the repairs are done.