Cracks and Chips: What to Do if You Get a Damaged Windshield or Windows

Cracks and Chips: What to Do if You Get a Damaged Windshield or Windows

When your car’s windshield or windows gets chipped or cracked, should you repair or replace it? Regardless of where you live, your windshield and windows may get damaged eventually.

Maybe, there could be pea gravel falling from construction trucks, or perhaps sanitation automobiles laying down salt and sand and when a sudden blew of weather accidentally fall out some chunk of unknown debris which can damage vehicles who passes by. Or maybe, a certain pigeon falls onto your windshield or an 18-wheeler truck who transport rocks and heavy materials accidentally fall out some debris to your windows.

Generally speaking, these are only a few scenarios that might happen while you’re on the road driving your beloved car. But regardless of the cause, it’s essential to repair or replace your windshield or windows after it has been damaged to make sure that the condition will not worsen. Whether you need to fix a small dent or replace the whole windshield and window, below are the things you need to know about damaged windshield and windows.

When to Repair or Replace Your Car’s Windshield or Window

The good thing is that smaller chips, dents, or cracks can be repaired by a professional repairman for a reasonable fee. If the crack or chip can be covered by a few dollar bills, then it’s safe to have a repair.

But if the chip or the crack is directly in the driver’s line of sight, or there are more than three chips and cracks on the windshield or window, or perhaps the damage is at the end of the windshield and if the windshield itself is old and covered with divots, then say bye-bye to your windshield, it requires a replacement than repaired.

Also, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car windshields and windows are an essential part of all vehicles that helps with the overall structure and strength of a certain car. That’s why it is vital to repair the cracks and chips before it gets worse and the only option that you have is to get them replaced.

The repair process works by placing a special resin into the chipped area. While on the other hand, for cracks, holes can be drilled at the edge of the crack to prevent it from spreading. To give you a little information, windshield has three layers: A layer of polymer or resin is placed between two layers of the glass. It may require drilling, but not through, which requires an experienced hand to do the process.

If your windshield or window can be repaired, have them repaired immediately. A small chip or cracks can spread across the other part of the windshield if the big pothole has been hit, or if you drive on a bumpy and unstable road or if you make an aggressive turn. Not only that, but most states make it illegal to drive a vehicle with a cracked windshield or window.

Do-It-Yourself Windshield and Window Repair

If you’re knowledgeable enough about repairing, you can try to repair a small chip or crack by yourself. Besides, there are many DIY repair kits available on your favorite auto parts stores, sometimes, they even replicate the resin injection method of the professionals. But the difference is, of course, the quality of the tools and the materials are substandard.

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