Considerably an up-gradation in performance and physical torque can be optimized through the tuning of the chip. This will lead it to a higher strain on the clutch or transmission and drive-shaft, tires as well. For these vehicles which are in demand and chip tuned as well, the SACHS Performance Competition clutch has been developed well.

Many of us today while riding a fast car see the power of the v-engines and the performance of our cars. When it comes down RCS and its efficiency, we surely think of SACHS, the company constantly making our life secures inside the super speed vehicles.

Configuration & Basics

A company providing many essential instruments related to high-value motor vehicles always makes sure of the proper configuration of its products. The RCS is engineered to provide world-class shift among all other supercars. Let’s know the basic facts-

  • The brand new CAE machine-product such as Pro-Engineer Design and Finite Element methods are used to trail the new designs and configurations as well to reach the maximum close distant to individual applications.
  • ZF SACHS designs and builds also a Diaphragm Spring and other key elements of the SACHS Performance RCS to feel the best performance.
  • The performance clutch and racing clutch are assembled by humanhands. This always guarantees the highest efficiency and product quality in load-clamping and characteristics of their release.

Contracts & TOS

Subject to be scoped every time in case of selling any goods to a customer is the base element of this company. The best offers according to the market are made to keep the customers benefit from the deal they would make. Racing Clutchor other clutches belong to the product assurance management of the company. We would like to make it clean before any deal you make with us.

  1. Our published offers are subject to not remain the same forever. If we hereby send you any comparatively good offer or exchange schemes we do not bound ourselves to give you any related product without cost.
  2. By the concluding time, a customer has to make a deal so that the company can arrange the goods for him/her. Here in the sells, a seller can decide whether to sell a product of a claimed offer past 2 weeks, or not.
  3. There will be marginal changes in some offers due to its importance to the management. And again this can be changed due to mistyping of order details or mistakenly faxed, mailed or texted to any consumer. The authority will just take some time to re-arrange it and make available to the customers again.

Stimulated Weight Transformation

You can think that a clutch has a negligible weight comparing the whole body weight of a racing vehicle and regulars too. But in the manufacturing of a great racing beast, this is very important perimeter to be checked several times. The clutch has a moment of inertia around 0.061 kgm2. This inertia on a drive wheel must be 180 times higher in first gear from 1-13.4. This means additionally 145 kg of weight is gained in the first gear acceleration having a racing clutch in it.

The excellence of product doesn’t depend only on its look and behavior, men who use these things and recommend others to use these too, that make a sense of it. In Sachs,a huge number of professionals are working on many projects on racing performance of a vehicle. We are fortunate enough to experience the quality they are giving us if we talk about an RCS clutch here.