Beginner’s Guide: All About Your tires

Beginner’s Guide: All About Your tires

Did you know that the most important part of your car is your tires?

People are picky when buying a new car when it comes to the brand, style, and fuel. And of course, the most important for buyers are the safety features of it. However, people do not realize that the most important safety feature of a car is the tires.

Tires are essential for the safety of your driving. You drive rain or shine, in the middle of the heat of the sun or winter’s snow. You make quick stops or sharp turns without realizing that your tires do all the work. They keep you from sliding in the rain, endure the hot and cold temperature. They even control the sound inside your car and affects how smooth is the ride. The switching out your tires can turn a noisy or bumpy car into a quiet and smooth one.

Tire Lifespan 

Underinflated tires can wear it easily and can also consume more gas. Your driving behavior can also affect the life longevity of your tires. Overloading or driving your car while a tire is underinflated can affect its condition.  The way you park your car on the uneven surfaces can also affect your tire’s condition.

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Below are the general tips applied to most cars although numbers and laws can vary among different countries.

When to Change Tires 

This one is the most obvious. If you are a driver, you can always have a strange feeling about your car’s condition. You can notice your brake is not working effectively as it does before.

-You go check your tires if there are nails or punctures

-Bald tires are dangerous. Avoid these. This is crucial for grip, braking, and situations like a slippery road.

-Check your tread depth. Make sure to check its legal minimum depth. Also, make sure they are not shallow.

– It’s a usual sign to change your tires if you notice that your tire is worn down to the wear masks. You can also check your pressure.

Go and change tires. Look for the nearest tire shop, or book online. You can now buy tyres with afterpay. Your convenience is what matters most.

Add Air to Tires 

If you notice your tires are going a bit flat, drive to the nearest gas station quickly. Self-service machines are available where you can only insert a coin.

-Remove the cap on the tire valve and connect the air tube to it. It will pump air into your tires. Check until it reached the right pressure.

-If you are far from a gas station or you are just at home, you can use a portable tire inflator. It is advisable because there are unexpected situations that you might need it.