Android Auto Software Features in Genesis

Android Auto Software Features in Genesis

Android Auto app on the Play Store of Google is now making rounds as a standalone app that is able to modify any car in on this planet into an Android Auto-enabled car to make driving less stressful and manual. With an intuitive yet simple interface, Android Auto has integrated all the major controls of the car to ensure safety minimizing human efforts as well as errors.

As told by the Deptford Township Genesis dealer the latest models of Genesis come with this Android auto App as one of the integrated features as the mechanism of these models support smart technology controlled by smart apps.

  1. Navigate to Places with ease

The Android Auto is crafted specially to make the task of navigation easier. The “OK Google” command search like the usual Google search on your smartphone works the same way here too. Simply ask Google to show you the place where your destination is. The Map would appear with its navigation data from the Google Maps. The app would start showing the routes while Google will continue to suggest the best alternative routes available through its voice.

  1. Hands Free Calling

We all know how dangerous it is to talk on the phone while driving, but we know it too, that the danger is not in speaking but in holding the device in one hand and trying to manage the steering with one hand. It isn’t only risky but illegal as well. But that doesn’t mean you have to remain disconnected from the world while driving.

Understanding the need, Android Auto, came up with the solution where speaking doesn’t need your hands to be remaining engaged, or you have to plug in uncomfortable earphones to go hands free. This is because, you need to pay attention to every small surrounding sounds, which you cannot with the earphones or Bluetooth blocking your ears. Here again, you canreach out to Googlewith its “OK Google, Call” command and speak out thename of the contact to make the call. Same when you receive a call. Its just the light press of a button and nothing else.

  1. Playing Music

When it is a pleasure drive for a long distance, you need to stay alert and energetic. There is no better solution to this than playing your favourite tracks. Android Auto helps with this too. Android Auto takes you to the Google Play Music playlist, where you can choose and listen to your favourite songs without the necessity to move a single finger.

The Google voice command or the “Music” button wouldstart the player for you.

  1. Auto-Replying to Messages

A Genesis dealer serving Deptford Township described that when you need to reply to an important message, Android Auto, can do it for you and you can concentrate on the traffic instead. It is just about setting up a few custom messages that you need to use the auto reply feature of the Android Auto.

  1. Auto-launch

The Android Auto comes with an “Auto-launch” feature, which launches the app automatically. All you need to do isconnecting the device to the car’s Bluetooth.