Accessorize your Motorcycle with a Unique and Functional Look

Accessorize your Motorcycle with a Unique and Functional Look

A motorcycle is like your home and companion on the road. It is more than just a mode of transport and it is an integral part of your life and all the adventures you enjoy. Over a period of time, a look at your motorcycle can offer a glimpse of your lifestyle. The character of a motorcycle builds over time and as you add accessories and additions to it, it slowly becomes this unique beast of metal, cables and chrome that answers only to its master.

Luggage Extensions

When you are soaking in the miles on your motorbike, you will need some luggage space. Life on the road can lead to surprising and unexpected situations so you cannot compromise on your long ride essentials. Detachable racks are very popular purchases which enable comfortable transit with all your vital stuff. They are a perfect fit for touring motorcycles and aesthetically blend in very well. You can tie your camping gear and other luggage securely to the extension racks. The advantage of detachable racks is that they are easy to install and uninstall – you do not have to spend too much time with a toolkit.

long ride essentials

Adding Personality to your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle needs a bit of a personal touch. Enjoy some attention as you cruise along the highways with a motorcycle flag attached to your machine blowing in the wind. has an eclectic collection of high-quality American-made flags. From your patriotic leanings to your favourite sports teams, there is so much you can add to your motorbike. Popular designs include state flags, the 76 Bennington and Air National Guard flags, poignant extensions of your pride for the country and its sacrifices. You can also buy flags of foreign countries and provinces. 

When buying motorcycle flags, you cannot compromise on quality. At Pro Pad, you get heavy-duty double-sided flags with UV coated poplin. These flags are machine washable and are double stitched. While you are buying your motorcycle flags, choose some compatible flag mounts.

More Motorcycle Accessories

There are many more motorcycle accessories that the avid rider can enjoy browsing through. If you are riding a Harley Davidson with a docking station then you may want to look at docking station caps for some eye-catching design additions. Seat mounting knobs and phone holders are also accessories you can add to your motorbike.

Many Harley Davidson owners like to add space to the floorboard to their machines.  With floorboard extension kits, you can add around 3/4 inches to your floorboard width. This will give your passenger footrest more space, increasing their comfort and reducing muscle stress. Gel pad seating cushions are another useful motorcycle addition as they reduce the stress on your backbone.

Be Responsible

When you are riding, ensure that you and your passenger are physically comfortable at all times. Take proper rest stops and be aware of ergonomic adjustments that can be made. Motorcycle fatigue is a major cause of road accidents. Respect the road, respect the rules, and last but not least respect your body.