5 Great Tips to Make Your Car Cool in the Summer

5 Great Tips to Make Your Car Cool in the Summer

Summer as one of the most dreaded seasons is almost just a few months away. While it is the season of dehydration, heat, and sweat, summer remains the season of super cool light cotton clothes, beaches, and mocktails.

When your body heats up and tries to keep it cool, the same way, your car needs extra care to get protected from the wrath of the sun. So, without further ado, the following are great tips to make your car cool:

1.      Use Throw Blankets over the Seats

If your vehicle features a leather or vinyl seats, you basically know how hot those materials can be when you expose them to high temperatures and sunlight.

In order to keep the seats of your car cool, use a throw blanket over them. When you go back to your car, you may put the blanket on the floorboard or consider tossing it away in the truck.

2.      Take Advantage of AC

You may push hot air out of the car easily by opening the windows, closing the vent to your face, and keeping the vent open to your feet.

As the AC vent blows air, the hot air will increase and flow out of the opened windows. This can be more effective if you open the sunroof.

If the AC is not cooling your vehicle well, ensure the system is ready for the heat by considering car air conditioner repairs in Adelaide and offering it a full service.

3.      Get the Car Detailed and Washed Inside and Out

Nothing makes cars cheaper than two doller hookers if they are filthy on the inside and out. Dust, upholstery stains, crumbs, dirt, and grime all can detract from your car’s curb appeal. Plus, that collection of water bottles and fast food bags is not impressive either.

The first step to making your car look good is to ensure it is clean. The ugliest car may look good after a thorough wash, and the nicest vehicle might look bad if it is covered with filth.

4.      Tint the Windows

In many cases, effectively tinting your windows ensures your car remains cool. Quality tints are basically designed to allow a good amount of light to go through tinted windows and block out the sun’s thermal rays. In most cases, tinting windows can also cut down the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Make Your Car Cool in the Summer

5.      Slightly Open the Windows

A perfect way to ensure the heat escapes from the confines of the car cabin is to slightly leave your windows open.

With that said, be sure not to keep your windows open wide enough to allow thieves to slip their hands to unlock your car.

Just a small opening can ensure there is enough ventilation and the hot air escapes your car’s interior.

Closing Remarks!

Although keeping your car cool is for the benefit of condition and comfort, it saves lives as well. Under no circumstance should small kids or animals be left in or put into overheated cars.

Young kids may eventually develop heatstroke, and animals can die in a matter of minutes, if not hours.

So it is important to call 911 right away if you spot a dog or small child in a car without significant ventilation.