4 Simple Rules to Follow to Enjoy Road Trips to the Fullest

4 Simple Rules to Follow to Enjoy Road Trips to the Fullest

Millions of Australians hit the road every summer holiday period. However, thousands of them end up in some or the other type of problem needing help.

While ideally the holiday time should be fun, it’s seen to be stressful and even dangerous for the drivers.

Whether you have bought a car in the Australian car market or planning to import car from USA to Australia, you can follow a few simple rules so that you can avoid a disaster and enjoy your holidays.

1. Take All Measures Against COVID-19

Since this is the time of coronavirus pandemic, you should take due care to protect you and your family.

Along with other necessities, carry all the items needed for protection from the virus, such as hand sanitizers, masks and gloves, and other personal hygiene products.

Know about rules and regulations in your state as well as the state to which you’ll be going for the holiday, and follow them.

If you’ve hired the reliable American car imports in Australia at Import Direct Car Sales for your road trip, make sure the car will reach you safely.

Check if you can move around to get the holiday feel or would have to be confined to your hotel,  car or campervan, and change your plans accordingly.

2. Bushfire Awareness

Before you hit the road, it’s extremely essential to know about the bushfire zones and avoid driving in them.

If your initial plan was to drive through the affected zones on the way to your holiday destination, find out about alternate routes before you leave.

The alternate routes may be longer than the previous ones; but it will help you avoid dangerous situations and take you and your family safely to your destination.

You should check conditions beforehand with the help of local radio and smartphone apps.

Travellers should carry minimum 3 litres of drinking water per person. Also carry athick woolen blanket or two which can protect you in an emergency.

3. Never Get Distracted

Taking your eyes off the road even for a couple of seconds is not only dangerous but can also incur a substantial penalty.

Australian states are also increasing the penalty in terms of demerit points as well as sum to be paid.

A survey shows that drive distraction by mobile phones skyrockets during holidays like Christmas and New Year, especially in the age group of 18 to 34.

To avoid this, try out the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode of your smartphone due to which all incoming phone calls, text messages and social media alerts are blocked.

iPhone even has a facility to send a message automatically to the person who is calling or texting you that you’re driving and call you back once you stop.

4. Don’t Start Too Early if You’re Not Used to it

It’s a tradition in Australia that while travelling, you should get up as early as you can and hit the road before the sunrise.

However, if you’re not used to it, you’re going to get fatigued and this can cause accidents. So, you should rest well the night before your departure date so as to remain fresh while driving.

Follow these tips and enjoy your road trip to the fullest.