2020 GV80: An Experimental Luxury Crossover from the Genesis

2020 GV80: An Experimental Luxury Crossover from the Genesis

Genesis has so far been considered as an automaker who focuses mainly on luxury sedans and hatchbacks. But with the release of the new GV80 model series, the automaker has proven its mettle in making crossovers as well, that can soak the passengers into the softness of luxury appointments.   Hence we see the 2020 model of Genesis GV80 luxury crossover SUV rolling on the roads with a new zeal that turned many heads around.

Though the 2020 edition of Genesis GV80 is yet to be released, the inquisitee journalists couldn’t hold themselves back from spying around and inform the world about all the plans the automaker must have been getting shape in their close-door meetings. At the Riverside Genesis we got the opportunity to have a look at those snapshots and videos that formed a strong belief in our minds that the upcoming crossover SUV from the house of Genesis will rock the market by setting a new standard of luxury sprinkled in form of utilities.

The Exterior Crafting

The modifications done on the 2020 model edition of the Genesis GV80 made the new luxury crossover stretch longer and even wider to make more space for the occupants and their belongings after offering them all possible creature comforts that can be imagined by the brainstormers.

N doubt that Genesis will continue its trademark through the sharp edged design. The G letter will be given a special place to represent the  honor of Genesis brand while the V will stand for the versatility that is typical of an SUV. The number 80 most probably will place the new Genesis SUV besides the mid-size G80 sedan that has been so widely popular.

From the leaked information that we could gather, it is clear that the final design of the GV80 series is going to merge muscularity with gentle aesthetics. Overall, the design concept of the 2020 edition of Genesis GV80 will nowhere be following the prototype of the crossover clan.

Intricate Interior Comfort

The latest photos and video clippings show the interior cabin of the 2020 Genesis GV80 as well, that will probably come out being draped with abundant usage of tarps to create a special visual effect. On the other hand technology will be hidden behind the layers of several luxury appointments, making the interior cabin stay mostly clear of the instrumental cluster. However, we can see a pair of round dials placed near the center console with all the basic controls, but without making them look like a crowd.

As an emblem of luxury, the cabins of the 2020 Genesis GV80 will use heavy amount of fine leather, we also expect a large sized infotainment screen, while the intricate curving of open-pore wood will make the interior blush with plushness.

Launch and Distribution

The Riverside Genesis dealer said, Genesis has so far not announced anything in particular about the launch date of its crossover model 2020 GV80but they assume it is probably busy in laying out unique platforms to launch the unique product.