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HGV is a heavy vehicle commonly used in the delivery of goods. HGV is very useful for those who run a business. For HGV drivers, driving HGV is very heavy and risky. Moreover, if the HGV contains many valuable goods. This is very risky for theft, robbery, or accidents involving many members of the community. To deal with all these risks, it certainly requires a lot of funds and this can be a problem for HGV truckers. However, now there is HGV Insurance that can ease the burden of truck drivers and business firms by using HGV. This insurance is very necessary because we can cover some kind of risk that can cause losses. One of them is breakdown recovery cover. This cover is used to pay for the recovery of HGV damage that is usually borne by HGV drivers. This, of course, can incriminate the HGV drivers, considering their salaries are not as great as the cost of restoring the damage they bear. For that, HGV insurance is the right choice for you. The Cheap HGV Insurance gives you a lot of comfort and profit.

cheap HGV insurance

What Policies Can Be Featured On Total Insurance?

HGV insurance is one of the HGV vehicle insurance which is classified as having complete cover and low-cost premium. Some policies offered by Cheap HGV Insurance can help you avoid risks in your HGV transport business. Some of these policies include:

  1. Personal accidents and illnesses suffered by drivers.
  2. Public and employer accountability if the HGV is driven by an accident and injures the public.
  3. There is an accident recovery cost for the UK and other European countries.
  4. Flexible payment plans aimed at the subject of the insurer.
  5. You can include an attached or separate trailer.
  6. It is suitable for commercial HGV and goods in transit.

Covers That You Can Buy to Insuring Your HGV

For those of you who have HGV and want to insuring it, surely you are confused about what cover you will buy. The following points can be the basis of your consideration:

  • Can HGV Insurance cover dangerous materials and locations? This depends on the type of material and the degree of luminance of the material. Not all hazardous materials such as nuclear waste can be covered. However, you do not have to worry because our broker can reach more than 90% hauliers.
  • Are heavy trucks an issue in insurance? Regardless the weight of your truck, for example, less than 44T or more than 44T, it does not matter. HGV Insurance has many brokers that cover the weight of your truck. So do not worry about the weight of your truck.
  • Will you get an offer that is HGV Insurance is relatively cheap? This depends on several things like how long your experience is in driving HGV, claim-free ownership, and your profile while working as an HGV driver. HGV insurance will offer a fairly competitive premium for you. Thus, this can benefit both you and your company.
  • Are there any discounts for cameras and tracking devices? Yes, usually cameras and tracking devices are indeed provided and this is a very positive impact for companies and drivers. This is because it can maintain the safety of vehicles and can be a proof to solve events efficiently and quickly.