Why to choose transmission temperature gauge?

One thing that every transmission faces is the heating. It is the worst system that minimizes the practice of responsible driver and the vehicle owner. The delivery of peak performance will increase the stress and put through maximum load. It should be maintained in the maximum performing ranges and it value. The maintenance can be made with the help of […]

What Makes the 2020 Ford Mustang so Popular

The 2020 Ford Mustang has made its presence known among the coupe and convertibles for its natural agility and performance ability. To look at, the 2020 Ford Mustang is a car that could perfectly balance the elegance of retro styling with the nuances of modern handling. At a showroom of Calexico Ford dealer, we were told that for this year […]

Beginner’s Guide: All About Your tires

Did you know that the most important part of your car is your tires? People are picky when buying a new car when it comes to the brand, style, and fuel. And of course, the most important for buyers are the safety features of it. However, people do not realize that the most important safety feature of a car is […]

A-Z of Cash for Clunkers Program

Obama introduced the Cash for Clunkers program simply to help vehicles and their owners. He also initiated a program for the betterment of our environment. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out as planned. It had more critics and less supporters were observed. Vehicles that are less fuel efficient with poor gas mileage, emit harmful emissions into the air. The Ozone […]

Winterize Your Truck Before It’s Too Late

As temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, there’s a few key accessories you can choose to prepare your truck for a long winter. So, upgrade your Kenworth seat covers to prepare for the elements and take these other steps to enjoy safe travels all winter long. Install a Winter Front One of the most essential winter accessories for your […]

What You Should Know About Canned Tunes And Custom Tunes

Getting a tune is not easy. Especially for first-timers. Should you get canned tunes? Or custom tunes? How do you know which one is better? You usually have a lot of questions. Like what should you choose for Toyota Hilux diesel tuning? It depends on your goals and budget. As well as platform options. Canned tunes  These are tunes developed […]