Hero HF deluxe – Top 5 reasons to buy

Hero HF Deluxe has been updated with IBS (integrated Braking system). This bike is available in both in i3S variant and standard. The bike has front brake when the rear brake pedal is pressed. This is first motorcycle which has introduced this feature. About its brief introduction Mileage (ARAI) kmpl – it gives 82 kmplmileages Brakes Front – drum Fuel […]

2020 Atlas: The New Crossover Model Edition from Volkswagen

If crossovers are your thing then the 2020 Atlas is something you wouldn’t want to miss checking out. It encompasses high-end design, street smart features, elevated sophistication and panache that would stop you in your tracks to take a second look and keep looking. The Atlas is all about power and comes with a sport enhanced turbocharged engine that’s admired […]

Explaining the Human-Centric Design Philosophy of Mazda

Look at any Mazda car, and you can instantly feel the connection between your essential senses with the car. That is the effect of a human-centric design philosophy that lies at the primary structure of any Mazda vehicle. Take any Mazda vehicle model of any vehicle body type, you can see the application of the same philosophy taking different forms, […]

Pick The Right Cover For Your Car

When you park your car outside in the sun, you always worry that its color might start to fade in the sun or rain might affect something. Thus, the car covers to protect them from the onslaught. If the car is parked in a closed space it might not have to face so many things such as sun rays, direct […]

5 Things You Must Know About Car Insurance

A very well-explored car insurance policy can benefit the policy holder in various ways. For owning a car, it is mandatory to have an active car insurance policy. Today, many insurance providers across the country offers many added benefits along with the policy you buy. Nowadays, when it comes to buying a new car insurance policy, many people take a […]