Would You Recommend the New 2019 Hyundai Sonata

With the release of the 2019 year model of its flagship model Sonata, Hyundai has fulfilled its aim to gather more of value-minded shoppers around it, who were in particular searching for a vehicle coming with a long warranty. Hyundai knew it well that to draw the eyes towards the model it wanted to promote things need to get jazzed […]

Five Useful tips to Buy a Commercial Fleet Vehicle

If you are a business owner or have to manage a fleeting service, then you will have hardly any time to go on browsing the dealership websites, or the showrooms in person and continue the task of vehicle shopping for days and months. But at the same time purchasing a commercial vehicle for fleet service isn’t that easy either, that […]

The New “Call Me Out” Feature in Recent Chevrolet Vehicles

Road accidents have always been one of the worst curses on mankind since the automotive industry has been an integral part of it. Today, with the rapid technological progress in all sectors and especially in telecommunications, industries like automotive are benefitted, as the issues with vehicles are getting truly useful solutions from the combinations of technologies helping each other to […]

How Ethanol Price Can Affect the Automobile Industry

An ethyl alcohol, ethanol is a renewable resource and a biofuel alternative, made from various plant products known as ‘biomass’ such sugar cane, corn, barley, and other cellulose feedstock through the hydration of ethylene and fermentation of sugars with yeast. Ethanol is used in a variety of applications, and the production of industrial ethanol is expected to increase from 115.6 […]